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Whilst we love the pleasant, sunny and warm Miami, FL weather, if the AC fails at your home/office, you’ll soon find yourself reeling under the sweltering temperatures and wishing you were in a different place altogether. An hour or two of discomfort in the heat might seem manageable, but what if you have to wait for over a day before you can hire someone to take a look at your unit? What if you lose an entire productive day at work because of it? Regular maintenance can keep your air conditioning running in prime condition and help you avoid such unexpected repairs, but in case an AC issue does crop up; don’t worry, because Miami AC Experts has got your back. Make one phone call to 786-565-0891 and bid adieu to all your air conditioning woes!

Established over two decades ago, our enriched experience in working with both residential and commercial HVAC systems coupled with our compliance to industry standards and work ethics, makes us the ideal choice for AC service needs of hundreds of clients in the region.  

Our service portfolio is broadly split into the following:

  • Consultation:

Unsure which air conditioning is the right fit for your premises? Don’t leave it to guesswork, rather gain professional insight by roping in our experts. From surveying the property to assessing the expected running time to factoring in the desired energy efficiency and your budget, we know exactly how to determine what you and your place needs.

  • Installation:

Installation of a new HVAC system isn’t as simple as tightening a few nuts and bolts – and is definitely NOT something you or an amateur should attempt. Why? Because there’s a high chance of it being done wrong, which can considerably cut down the performance output and efficiency expected out of the system. We install all types of AC from all leading brands, and most importantly, we install them the right way!

  • Repairs:

Is your AC not cooling up your room efficiently? Has the operation just become a lot louder than it was? Did you experience a breakdown in the middle of the night? From a major compressor fail to something as simple as refrigerant leak, no matter what the problem our technicians can fix it. Being skilled and highly knowledgeable, our service experts go the extra mile to minimize costs and avoid replacements wherever possible.

  • Maintenance:

Just as humans need a food source to fuel their energy and keep them going, machines are no different! A one-time setup and neglect thereafter, is going to cut down your AC’s life span and throw up unwarranted issues later on. Save up on avoidable repair costs by entering into Miami AC Experts’s contractual maintenance that will keep your AC working, always, and keep your home a comfortable place to live in.

Simple or complex, we handle it!

No job is beyond the scope of our professionals! Our experts have read every handbook on the planet, and have mastered the nuances of AC service. Not just that, their extensive hands-on experience in dealing with both commercial and residential HVAC systems makes them capable of identifying flaws, fixing them, and providing a wide array of other solutions. Whether it’s a centralized AC system that needs a fix, or a portable home-use air conditioning that needs a tune-up, we’ve got the wherewithal to handle it all!

Why choose us?

  • 24/7 service assuranceMiami AC Experts Miami, FL 786-565-0891
  • High quality workmanship
  • Unbiased and accurate consultation
  • Background-checked and vetted technicians
  • Convenient appointment times
  • Upfront and reasonable pricing
  • Can work with any brand HVAC
  • No hidden costs
  • Free onsite consultations
  • Full serviceability across Miami, FL

When zeroing in on an AC service firm to work with, know that your decision could spell the difference between a superior and poor outcome. If you don’t want to find yourself ripped off for shoddy work, or made to wait endlessly for service, then make the right choice with Miami AC Experts. Our 24/7 helpline 786-565-0891 is always open for you! Call us now!

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