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What happens when your business’ HVAC malfunctions and turns the office into a mini-oven? An uncomfortable workplace makes it nearly impossible for your employees to be productive and throws a wrench in your daily business activities. Imagine holding an investor meet in a hot and stuffy conference room – sounds nightmarish, doesn’t it? Thankfully, you have us to rescue you! At Miami AC Experts, we make it our business to keep your business comfortable and cool, at all times. Be it HVAC installation, repair, maintenance or consultation, our experienced and vetted professionals can assist you.

In over two decades of our service in Miami, FL area, we’ve provided first-rate air conditioning services to clients, ranging from small retail shops to towering high-rises, making our number 786-565-0891 the only port of call for all commercial HVAC needs.

Challenges involved in handling commercial HVAC systems:

Handling commercial HVAC systems isn’t easy! Ask anyone who’s in the business and they’ll tell you that much. Some of the challenges and our means of tackling them include:

Complexity: Commercial HVAC systems have multiple layers of complexity and the sheer size of such units varies starkly than those deployed at homes. Deciphering this complexity is not something everyone can do – but our technicians can! Their in-depth knowledge of the field makes them adept at handling commercial air conditioning needs.

Accessibility: Commercial setups often face a space-crisis, because of which air conditioning equipment is jammed up in ceilings and crawl spaces. The need for usable space takes precedence over functionality for easy access to the equipment. This makes the job extremely difficult for service tech, but being the experienced professionals we are, we can handle it with ease.

Criticality: Critical areas such as the data center, server rooms, telecom areas of a business or care units in hospitals cannot do without air conditioning. So, if an issue arises, there’s no window to permit delays! That’s why commercial HVAC tech should act fast! We strive to get to you faster than anyone else and maintain a response time of 15-minutes.

Solutions offered:

  • Consultation: Need a new AC installed but don’t know which one to go with? Our experts can factor in property-specific requirements and recommend an appropriate system.
  • Retrofit and construction: We can build and design your ductwork and the layout of your heating/cooling system from scratch.
  • Installation: Setting up a new AC requires more than an instruction manual. We know how to maneuver the complexity of these systems, and get them installed in a manner that allows them to work with maximum efficiency.
  • Repairs: Unexpected troubles in your air conditioning can throw your daily schedule out of gear! Call us in and we’ll fix it right away.
  • Contract maintenance: Enter a contract with us, and we’ll make sure we keep your HVAC systems running in prime condition at all times through frequent tune-ups and repairs.
  • Emergency service: Imagine experiencing an AC breakdown ahead of an important work day! Don’t worry, because you can call in our emergency helpline 786-565-0891 and avail our services at no added costs!
  • Least-disruptive service: Having a bunch of technicians at your premises setting up ducts or cleaning filters might disrupt daily operation. We can time our appointments at your convenience and make sure we cause the least disruption while we work.

If it’s commercial HVAC service you need, there’s no one better in Miami, FL area who can offer you quality and affordable service the way Miami AC Experts does!